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Hello darlings, the girls and I have prepared something new for you in the form of a short interview.

I like responsible and reliable men the most. It seems to me that very few people have these two qualities, but it’s so sexy when a woman can rely on them.

I admit that I really enjoy Indian cuisine.

Definitely a rose.

I’m a terrible sports enthusiast, I’m all for fun and sports. Skates, skis, run, bike, hike, whatever.

Not long ago, I would have answered unequivocally black, but more and more I find that I like colors in general and it’s red, orange, blue, so I really can’t answer unequivocally.

I really associate everything with sports and quality food. So would I earn it for some good food, a pleasant walk? I think that a date does not depend so much on the place, but on the company with whom you are on the date.



Hello guys, I have prepared a small interview for you so that you can get to know me a little more before you arrive

I love dominant men. Please guys there is a really big difference between rudeness and dominance, so remember that.

I really like Italian cuisine.

I like traveling and nature. I try to travel as much as possible, whether it’s a relaxing experience or an active experience in beautiful nature.

It is unexpectedly red.

I have one such secret wish of mine, I would imagine a romantic trip to nature with a picnic basket…

We are preparing new things for you in 2024. From a new really luxurious website, where stories will be available for example, or the new website will also bring you a better overview of your interests. We are also planning many more events and discounts for example

  • 1+1 extra interest
    200 CZK discount
    300 CZK discount
    2 hours + free bottle of prosecco
    Permanent customer status with a permanent discount and priority.
    We will inform you about all events and rules in good time before the start of the event.

These promotions will be randomly selected and valid for a limited time only, discounts cannot be combined.

New Year's Eve event

A themed event where ladies will be groomed and dressed in New Year's outfits. The event will be valid from 29/12/2024 to 2/1/2025. A welcome drink is a matter of course and as an event for 2 hours a free bottle of prosecco and a 300 CZK discount.

Christmas event

A themed event where the ladies will be groomed and dressed in Christmas outfits. The event will be valid from 12/22/2024 to 12/26/2024. A welcome drink is a matter of course and as an event there is a discount of CZK 300 per hour.

Halloween event

A themed event where girls will be groomed and dressed in Halloween outfits. The event will be valid from 29/10/2024 to 2/11/2024. A welcome drink is a matter of course, and as a 1+1 event, a free supplement.

Velikonoční akce

A themed event where ladies will be groomed and dressed in Easter outfits. The event will be valid from 29.3.2024 to 2.4.2024. A welcome drink is a matter of course and 15 minutes are free as an event for the class.

Interview with madam Samantha

Each such lesson is individual in its own way, I have summarized a few points that most lessons contain.

Fetish (nylons, boots, latex)
Beatings (whip, reprimands, leather belt)
Strap-on (various sizes)
Piss (all over the body)
Torture (penis, testicles, nipples)
Binding (handcuffs, ropes)

Hourly visit 2500 CZK

One-hour visit 1900 CZK.

All my interests are included in the above visit.

I rely on mutual discretion. Of course, safety and cleanliness are the absolute basis and priority for me. I properly disinfect all tools after each lesson.

Certainly not classic services! But if “Subík” deserves it and it will be my wish, licking is possible but only until the climax!!

Humiliation, helplessness and total control over the man.

I was submissive but after I realized how exciting it is to dominate a helpless man’s body and mind, I totally fell in love with it and found myself in it.

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