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What do I like most about men?

  • I like responsible and reliable men the most. It seems to me that very few people have these two qualities, but it’s so sexy when a woman can rely on them.

What is my favorite cuisine?

  • I admit that I really enjoy Indian cuisine.

What are my favorite flowers?

  • Definitely a rose.

What do I like to do in my spare time?

  • I’m a terrible sports enthusiast, I’m all for fun and sports. Skates, skis, run, bike, hike, whatever.

What is my favorite color?

  • Not long ago, I would have answered unequivocally black, but more and more I find that I like colors in general and it’s red, orange, blue, so I really can’t answer unequivocally.

How do I imagine an ideal date?

I really associate everything with sports and quality food. So would I earn it for some good food, a pleasant walk? I think that a date does not depend so much on the place, but on the company with whom you are on the date.

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Rated 5.0 out of 5

First time visiting this place and before i booked, i thinked that Anetka looked great in homepage. But she looked waayyy better in real life. Really gorgeous and nice, friendly face. Body was lit as fuck!! ( I read some negative reviews, i belive the reason for the negative reviews are that people only buy the basic 1 hour service and have expectations that are not included.) She was very open and friendly, to talk to. And get better understanding what the basic package includes and example to understand that there is possibility that you can add extra services like bj without condom for a small extra fee. Belive me! Her sloppy bj is worth it! She was really understanding and could give bj in beginning, back and forth between postures and before finishing. And the 69 posture was included. She has my full endorsement and she is someone you can count on, getting the job done in a very nice way! If you see her working any day, book ASAP!!!!!!!!!

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